Entering New Phase

I am now entering a new phase in the form of designing my business plan.  I plan on applying for my own business license and permits as needed to do business as an independent power company. bringing power to the people one at a time with green energy and more reliability with lower cost if possible but may be more at first just to help me get established and fine tune a profit and loss sheet. There may be retro discounts for early buyers of the first power units or may even have a better warranty.  I hope to have my business license by the end of the year and going in to the New Year with a new start.


Power For The People

All I want to do is create green energy that is afordiable for every one that is green energy with old world technology with a new world twist.

Back To Work

I am back to work and soon will have my own money to invest more of it on my invention. It is just a matter of time that I will have this completed. I have managed to design this with every thing that is already proven that works, Hydro- Electric is converted to Hydraulic-Electric making this engine of mine portable and can be set up any where to run Generators of any size. I am still focused on the smallest one though and that is my 30k unit. I have most of the parts I need for building it and soon I will have the rest now that I have my new job. I have the means to complete this with out help. but, if interested in getting involved you may still contact me to let me know what you have to offer. bstevenson1@twcny.rr.com

Been a while

Well I have been busy working on many things. I am now learning how to build a business plan at a self pace on-line program. starting to meet potential partners and helpers in all ares of the business world. I am still working on introducing this as an entry into a contest called the next great idea, through Operation Oswego County. This will help with the founding for attorney fees and patenting.

Marry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Thanks Bruce Stevenson

It’s About Time

1850’s Kinetic Engine

I have been busy working on many things every thing from telling people about what is coming in the near future. Trying to get the capital to drive this forward and actually working with some new investors. I am just about 3 months from completing the prototype. then I have to get the patent filed. Well to contact me just send me an e-mail bstevenson1@twcny.rr.com just copy and past to your e-mail to:

Thanks Bruce Stevenson

Kinetic Engine Powered Generator

I have the ultimate design for an engine that I have hooked it up to an Electrical generator to produce power for homes and business. This will   generate both green and economical power. I am seeking help to complete the prototype.  To get in on this send an e-mail to bstevenson1@twcny.rr.com to get a disclosure agreement and investor agreements. The link for this e-mail is broken you have to copy and past it to your e-mail send to:


Members are rewarded sign up on my members page and get in on the discounts. or invest and make more money to contact me go to my members page upper right and send me an email for the request of the disclosure agreement

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