Green Economics

I was reading about the US budget and raising the credit limit for the US today July 26, 2011. I was also reading the papers when the head lines were reporting the profits of the fuel companies making aproximitly 250 billion dollars, when fuel prices were at the highest they ever were 2007-2008.  does any one else remember when that was? or have you seen the paper head lines I am referring to? for the Post Standard in Syracuse. Well if I could get your help to bring my invention to the market, we could see this economy back in the green. In more ways than one. with this being made in the US manufacturing companies, it will put the American people back to work. It will bring life back to the USA because this kinetic engine power system works on paper I am using a 3kw electric motor to run a hydraulic pump. That hydraulic pump then lifts torque arms creating potential energy. When  the potential energy is released I have harnessed this power to run a 30kw generator. Then I designed an electrical circuit to run the system off the power that the generator is producing.  Thus making it self sustaining. Green Energy! creating a Green Economy, to power the world.  There is no limit to the size of generator that this system can run. What ever size generator you have there is a KINETIC ENGINE POWER SYSTEM that can be built to power it, from 30kw up!

Become a member, and take advantage of the discount when this power system becomes available in Sept. 2012. Or see about investing and get in on the ground floor of becoming a shareholder of a future fortune 500 company. See my members page Kinetic power systems link on right, upper right, or just submit a commit or reply. leaving your e-mail and I will personally respond to you with the information that you request.


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