Kinetic Power Systems

Green energy production is possible with my new system I have designed I call it a kinetic engine, but it is so much more you really have to see it to belive it. I can hardly wait myself to introduce this to the public but with out the patent I can only let the ones that sign the disclosure agreement see what is coming. Then those people say WOW that is truly amazing. This is really a system that takes a small amount of electrical power 3 kw and delivers an amazing 30 kw, ten times more power than it takes to run the system. I have 5 other systems that will also becoming available too. a 45 kw, 60 kw, 100 kw, 350 kw, 650 kw. systems are under way. I will keep an open mind for mega watt systems to be developed as needed.

Investors are welcome, but seeking members to get involved to help bring this to market. See my link to the right for kinetic power systems and on that site you can see my members page upper right and there you can subscribe to become a member.


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