Kinetic Engine Powered Generator

I have the ultimate design for an engine that I have hooked it up to an Electrical generator to produce power for homes and business. This will   generate both green and economical power. I am seeking help to complete the prototype.  To get in on this send an e-mail to to get a disclosure agreement and investor agreements. The link for this e-mail is broken you have to copy and past it to your e-mail send to:


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  1. Posted by Robert Borlick on November 13, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Is this a “perpetual motion” machine? What is the source of the energy?


    • no but can run continuously as long as you supply it with 3k of electrical power and will produce 30k of electrical power it is a genuine energy amplifier. this is the small unit they go as big as you need just figure for it to require 10% of power that it produces to run it self.


  2. There’s hope


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