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This is the time that my invention would shine. To have an individual power unit in your very own basement or on your own property would mean that unless your unit was personally destroyed there would be power in your home tonight. And having hundreds of thousands of qualified electricians and mechanics out there that would be able to repair any unit that is broken repairs would be done quicker. As the idea of this grows and the public is informed of having personal home power units and when I can get the first prototype done and prove that this is more than just a theory and a design on paper.

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Kinetic Power

Kinetic Engine Flywheel

There will be a new kind of energy that will be coming available soon. kinetic engine powered generator. I have designed a complete power system that can power every thing from individual homes to businesses. The units I have on paper are 30k, 45K, 60k, 100k, 350k, & 650k. It is even possible to conceive that larger units are available to power entire towns and cities. Using the term micro-grid technology will be better than loosing power because the line drops from the pole and leaves you with-out power till the repair is made. Having your own power unit in your basement or at very least on your own property, will never leave you with out power. For more information on the development of my units. I will keep you posted weekly you will need to join my members page to get the technical information. check out my other links about kinetic energy. I have opened a members page. See link to Kinetic Power Systems at right then go to my members page upper right.

More Green Power





With this system there is more power than just a 30kw system that can be powered. I also have 5 other designs on paper that are run by the same engine design only get bigger as needed to power the generator. The 45KW, 60 KW, 100KW, 350KW and 650KW Designs on paper are waiting for investors to help bring them to prototype. September 30, 2012 is going to be a big day for every one involved with this NEW ENGINE THAT I CALL A KINETIC ENGINE. Will begin to see profits and the potential that this engine has to offer the world. Still other sizes are possible other than the ones that I have listed here, like Mega Watt units of all sizes.

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Kinetic Power Systems

Green energy production is possible with my new system I have designed I call it a kinetic engine, but it is so much more you really have to see it to belive it. I can hardly wait myself to introduce this to the public but with out the patent I can only let the ones that sign the disclosure agreement see what is coming. Then those people say WOW that is truly amazing. This is really a system that takes a small amount of electrical power 3 kw and delivers an amazing 30 kw, ten times more power than it takes to run the system. I have 5 other systems that will also becoming available too. a 45 kw, 60 kw, 100 kw, 350 kw, 650 kw. systems are under way. I will keep an open mind for mega watt systems to be developed as needed.

Investors are welcome, but seeking members to get involved to help bring this to market. See my link to the right for kinetic power systems and on that site you can see my members page upper right and there you can subscribe to become a member.

Green Economics

I was reading about the US budget and raising the credit limit for the US today July 26, 2011. I was also reading the papers when the head lines were reporting the profits of the fuel companies making aproximitly 250 billion dollars, when fuel prices were at the highest they ever were 2007-2008.  does any one else remember when that was? or have you seen the paper head lines I am referring to? for the Post Standard in Syracuse. Well if I could get your help to bring my invention to the market, we could see this economy back in the green. In more ways than one. with this being made in the US manufacturing companies, it will put the American people back to work. It will bring life back to the USA because this kinetic engine power system works on paper I am using a 3kw electric motor to run a hydraulic pump. That hydraulic pump then lifts torque arms creating potential energy. When  the potential energy is released I have harnessed this power to run a 30kw generator. Then I designed an electrical circuit to run the system off the power that the generator is producing.  Thus making it self sustaining. Green Energy! creating a Green Economy, to power the world.  There is no limit to the size of generator that this system can run. What ever size generator you have there is a KINETIC ENGINE POWER SYSTEM that can be built to power it, from 30kw up!

Become a member, and take advantage of the discount when this power system becomes available in Sept. 2012. Or see about investing and get in on the ground floor of becoming a shareholder of a future fortune 500 company. See my members page Kinetic power systems link on right, upper right, or just submit a commit or reply. leaving your e-mail and I will personally respond to you with the information that you request.

Smart Grid

Calling all smart grid designers, I am ready and willing to work with you. I have something that will give your system the boost it needs to reach well into the future. My kinetic engine driven generator, is the system to have. This system is 100% green technology. My very own invention with an IT patent, and soon to have a patent on the actual operational unit. Get more information by going to my members page at upper right corner. sign up for a member ship and the disclosures agreements and receive more information on how this really works.

Green Technology

With the prices of energy going through the roof. Now is the time to get in on the new wave coming through. this system I call a kinetic engine driven generator. Is actually an electrical, hydraulic, potential, kinetic, amplifier. I over lay system over system over system to create what I call a “kinetic engine”. This is the new wave that is going to be powering homes and businesses and automobiles in the very near future. Micro grid technology will thrive off this system of power generation.

Go to the link for kinetic power systems and see my members page. Sign up now for the great savings going on now till the engine is completed. Help your self the world and me to get this to market.

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